As well as his own writing Christopher works on several other projects with other creative folk. 

Current Projects


Ellipsis Editing

After years of editing on an ad hoc basis, Chris founded Ellipsis Editing in 2018. Ellipsis Editing caters to students, academics of all levels, NGOs and non-profits, and writers of all levels and genres. Chris is passionate about helping writers craft their work into the strongest possible piece of writing, whether it's a novel, script, report or thesis. 

Aiming at fair and affordable pricing, Ellipsis Editing is flexible and can tailor services to meet any writer's needs. 




Nogoodnik Games

In partnership with his illustrating brother, Luke Marcatili, and sound designer Matt Trapl, Christopher is founder and lead writer of independent game design studio, Nogoodnik Games.

Their first test project, The 3 Beards, launched in early 2017 and can be downloaded here.


Past projects


Living With Monsters Symposium

In 2017 the University of Sydney hosted an international anthropology symposium called Living With Monsters. Monsters are not just part of the popular imaginary, stalking movie screens and the pages of books. They live among us. More information is available online.

The conference ran on the 7 and 8 December, and included speakers from across the globe.

Doctor Yasmine Musharbash lead the conference, and Christopher Marcatili was the conference coordinator.



Fantastica Publishing

Fantastica was an imprint of the independent publisher, Xoum. Its mission is to promote and publish Australian and international authors of thought-provoking speculative fiction. Christopher was one of the voluntary commissioning editors at Fantastica.